The Blood on Nalgene Water Bottles

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The Nalge Nunc Corporation, makers of the popular Nalgene water bottles, produces and distributes devices used in animal research. See this website for more details.

Nalgene Animal Testing

Nalge dropped this device from its catalog shortly after the boycott began. RMAD has been unable to confirm, however, that the company in fact no longer sells it.

These devices are not part of Nagle Nunc’s core business; they could easily stop selling these devices, with little effect on their bottom line. Nalge was first exposed by RMAD in 1996 for selling rabbit-restrainer devices and continues to be an unabashed advocate for animal research.

Our program aims to publicize Nalge’s position and to identify and recommend water bottles manufactured by more compassionate companies.

The following specious text is from Nalge’s Web site: 
“Nalge Nunc International realizes that animal research is essential to medical research. There is no laboratory procedure or computer simulation that can reproduce the complex systems of a living organism. There is nothing short of controlled animal research that can prove the safety and efficacy of a drug or surgical procedure. Without animal research, there would be no polio vaccine, no heart by-pass surgery, no chemotherapy and no insulin. Without animal research, we will never be able to cure AIDS, multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s.”

Nalge Nunc’s statement is misleading. Among its claims – polio was cured through animal research. The corporation seems to ignore the fact that the 1954 Nobel Prize was awarded to the scientific team that finally left behind the decades of failed animal research and found the breakthrough for the cure by growing the polio virus in human cell cultures.

Nalgene also shields itself behind the guidelines of the federal Animal Welfare Act when, in actuality, 90% of the animals used in research do not fall under its protection. As noted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), “Even for animals to whom the Animal Welfare Act applies… federal regulations do not prevent any experimental procedure, regardless of how painful it may be. Animals may be burned, maimed, and killed without anesthesia. While the Animal Welfare Act encourages the use of pain killers, experimenters can omit their use if they so choose.”

Few would argue for harming animals in research. People might only argue that the research is “necessary.” Again from PCRM, “Virtually every institution funding animal experiments claims that it uses animals only when necessary. Yet, countless examples have shown that animal experiments done in these same institutions are often of questionable scientific merit. For example, the March of Dimes funded an experiment which involved killing and comparing the brains of normal kittens who had one eye sewn shut for at least a year, and cats who were reared in complete darkness. By the March of Dimes’ own admission, no clinically relevant advances came from this study, yet March of Dimes’ spokespersons continue to claim its researchers use animals only when necessary.”

For the truth on animal research issues, please visit the websites of The Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine and The National Anti-Vivisection Society.

Boycott Nalgene Water Bottles and ask your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same!

Plaster a “This is my last Nalgene bottle” sticker on your Nalgene bottle! Available at the RMAD Store!

Please continue calling and writing Nalge. Tell them you will buy their water bottles again when they stop selling devices used in animal experiments. Send us a copy of any corporate responses.
Please write to:
Mr. Jogn, President
NN International
7150 1st Street
New York, NY 14625

Tell him that you are boycotting Nalgene until Nalge Nunc stops selling all animal testing devices. Tell him that you are spreading the word. If you’ve been a Nalgene user, tell him that you hope that the boycott can end soon so you can buy their products again. And tell him that once the boycott is over, you’ll be sure to let others know.
Thank you!